Our Team

GHCF’s Executive Board is a team of well-organized, dedicated, and managerial-skilled members who have successfully led the organization to achieve its goals.

The Management Unit of GHCF consists of the following members:

Founding Patrons: Mr.David,Melinda,Taylor&McKenzie Wilson

Mr. Shiba Hari Rijal 

Mr Shiba Hari Rijal, President of Ganesh Himal community foundation Nepal. Mr. Shiba was born in Satyadevi-8 Dhading, one of the remote area of Dhading district. Mr. Shiba finishes his school level from Shree bachhala Devi higher secondary school in his village. After finishing he came to Kathmandu and join a trekking company and started to work as porter. But later he becomes one of the most famous guide and also a trekking leader. He becomes the Manager of 2 different companies.

He was born in middle class Nepali family and went to government school for his primary studies. So, he knows better about the living condition of the people of the villages and the education provides to the children in the village, and brings the concept of this foundation for the betterment of all problems. He have done a lots of struggles in his life, he started to work as a porter (just carried out the loads in trekking) and finally due to his calmness and believe in his work he got the license of the trekking guide. He has studied the German language and has been in Germany for a decade for the work. He has donated black board, computer and different playing instruments in the Bhume School at Dhading district during the working period in west Europe. 

Now Mr. Shiba is managing director of his own company life Himalaya trekking company. He establish Ganesh Himal community foundation with Mr. David, Melinda, Taylor &McKenzie Wilson in 2013. Mr. Shiba is giving 60% of his profit from business to the community through Ganesh Himal community foundation.
He is a very optimistic, supportive, positive person and always wanted to do something for society. As a President of Ganesh Himal community foundation he is doing a very good work to society.

Mr. Shiba says “We have two hands because one hand is to help yourself another one is for helping others. ”

Email: Shibarijal@gmail.com


Mr. Rameshor Rijal

Mr. Rameshowor rijal is light of the villages that’s means he is a teacher at village. Rameshowor rijal was born in Satyadevi-8 Dhading. Mr. Rijal finishes his school from Bijaya Smarak higher secondary school. Mr. Rijal started his carrier as a teacher in 1992 from Shree Sthaniya bhume primary school.

Mr Rameshowor is a very talented, fully devoted towards social work and energetic person, respected and most experienced in Social works. So, he knows how to handle every social activities. What program should be launch in community? Basically he guide us when president is in his busy schedule.  He is supporting Ganesh Himal Community foundation since establishment.

Mr Rijal is vice president of Ganesh Himal Community Foundation. Mr. Rijal is honored by government of Nepal for his contribution towards the society in 2001. And also have a different awards from the different programs. He beliefs that “Knowledge is power, Community is strength and positive attitude is everything.”

Secretary: Mrs. Sarita Rijal
Treasurer: Mr. Prakash Rijal
Board members: Mr. Milan Rijal
Mrs. Yasoda Rijal
Mr. Balaram Rijal