Our Program

2017 to 2019 Plan

  • Office or community Hall of Ganesh Himal Community Foundation at village.
  • Built other three primary school at Satyadevi, Dhading.
  • Scholarship to 5 poor children in each school.
  • Computer teaching center in each school with teacher.
  • Do profit motive works like establishing hotels, tea or coffee farming and use the profit for GHCF projects.
  • A primary hospital for the local people and free ambulance facilities for  emergency.
  • Organic Farms in the Village.
  • Training  to new generation for their betterment like awareness programs,  homestay, farming training. 
  • Pure Drinking water for the local people of Dhading.
  • Rebuilding the house for the earthquake affected people.
  • Girl Hostel at the Shree Bachaladevi School.  


Our Regular Program

School ProjectSchool Infrastructure Project:
Over 90% school buildings have been collapsed in the disaster throughout the affected districts. Alone in Dhading district, thousands of school buildings have been turned into a huge mass of concrete by the disastrous earthquake on April 25, 2015 and the terrible aftershocks followed thereafter.

GHCF has surveyed of a number of schools that need immediate reconstruction. The survey reports the needs of immediate reconstruction of the buildings; taking it in serious consideration, GHCF has tie ups with the earthquake resistance builders to build new buildings for school.

Any individual or organization willing to support us in our school reconstruction project is requested to contact us.

Community housesCommunity Houses:
Almost all the houses built of mud and stones except for a few of the cemented houses have been totally collapsed in the disaster. Since monsoon is approaching soon, the current exigency is to address the problem of “shelter”. GHCF is currently looking for the kind individuals and organizations who would support us to provide the needy with alternative temporary shelter.

GHCF is continuously receiving numbers of requests of building “shelters” from the earthquake victims.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in building “shelters” for the needy. You may also participate in our “great deed” partially as well, by donating necessary materials or funds to buy particular materials or tools used to build buildings.

GHCF volunteers will happily accompany you as a visitor if you are interested in visiting the affected zones.

Drinking water projectSanitation Project:
Another biggest challenge felt by GHCF is “sanitation” problem in schools, public places and communities. Therefore, GHCF plans to conduct programs on health issues based on “sanitary” as well as looks forward to hearing from the kind donors who would be interested in investing money to build toilets, manage purified drinking water, drainage and proper sanitation facilities.

Solar Project:
Most communities in the rural areas of Nepal are deprived of “electricity”, the very basic aspect of development. Due to lack of electricity people are compelled to live in the dark. GHCF, therefore, raises funds for “Solar Plants” to support the people in those rural areas so that they could live in light. “Computer Education” in schools will be possible only when solar system is installed in the schools. GHCF has ties up with the technologists who can help us install the solar system in those communities.

LibrarySchool Library:
The schools in the remote villages of Nepal hardly have libraries. Even if they have, they are poorly equipped; due to inaccessibility of road, no daily papers or magazines reach these places. Hence, the school children are deprived of story books, and poems whereas the local people are compelled to rely on radios operated by batteries for the news as well. The alternative, GHCF has found is to establish E-Library in schools.

GHCF is currently looking for the kind donors willing to support us build the physical infrastructure as well as equipment such as computers, books, Education CDs, and projector etc. we may need to install in the schools for e-library set-up.

Awareness programVillage Health Camp and Environmental awareness program:
GHCF organizes regular periodic health camps in the rural areas of Nepal as most mountainous areas have no access to hospitals which lie in the urban areas. The people in these places rely on their traditional way (not scientific) of treatment even in emergency. Even today, “leprosy”, for example, is regarded as the cause of sins in the previous birth or the curses of God and Goddess. The remote villages of Nepal are superstitious due to what, many people are severely suffering and dying as well.

Also, the mountainous region is environmentally sound till the date, and GHCF regards that it’s our duty to help protect the natural environment of these respective zones. In order to do so, GHCF organizes Environmental Awareness Programs. You may also support us organize such programs.